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What is Tailwind CSS?

Zac Jones

January 08, 2020

Photo by chris Pickett on Unsplash

Building your web app with a custom design (that also looks good) is a huge task. Chances are, you aren't a CSS expert and applying minimal style to your app is a non-trivial task. To make something look real nice will consume hours of pixel tweaking, text alignment, and producing a headache from banging your head on the desk.

You can reach for a CSS framework but many do too much for you. You know a Boostrap app when you see one and you don't want that.

You want something that can be your brand.

What can you use that won't smother your app in someone elses design decisions?

Tailwind is your answer.

Tailwind gives you highly compossable low-level utility clases that let you own your design without you having to pixel tweak until the dark hours of the morning.

Adam Wathan has 4 egghead lesson collections that he published this year (2020) that get you started on Tailwind. They're super great, I highly recommend you check them out (They are FREE!)

Introduction to Tailwind and the Utility First Workflow Design and Implement Common Tailwind Components Build a Responsive navbar with Tailwind Build and Style a Dropdown in Tailwind

I also took notes on these collections as I was working through them, you might find them useful as a study companion if you want to work through these collections. Check them out: Introduction to Tailwind CSS Notes

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