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Immutable Data with Immer

Photo by USGS on Unsplash Using immutable data to store state has many interesting benefits. Immutable data makes it easy to trace state over time. It can be distributed easily, and by leveraging structural sharing we can leverage optimization techniques such as memoization. In this course we…

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Handle Multiple Inputs in React with ES6 Computed Property Name

create-react-app (CRA) was used to generate the necessary boilerplate to start this React application. If you haven't used it before, you should! There is zero configuration and you won't need to touch Webpack or Babel. 😄 Here's a great tutorial on CRA if you haven't heard about it before…

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Handle Multiple Inputs using React useState and useReducer Hooks with ES6 Computed Property Name

In my previous post I walk through a solution to handling multiple inputs in React using class Components and traditional Component state. This post is, in a sense, a refactoring of the previous post to update for React Hooks that have been officially released as of React 16.8.0 . You'll notice…

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